To deliver the absolute best lawn and landscape care in the industry.

We will strive to deliver an environment of success for all workers and customers to receive the utmost value for all products offered.

We must always improve our service and learn from our mistakes, always maintain a positive attitude and must go above and beyond at trying to meet our customers wishes. We must stay focused on growing the company – not by just adding as many customers as possible but instead by treating each individual customer as a valued key element to our success, by outperforming our competitors on service, attitude and price.


We believe that God owns this business and we simply are His stewards of it for a season.

I want to make sure that all we do in and through this business honors Him. By the same token, we do not want to do anything that will dishonor Him.

1) Always maintaining a moral and ethical work environment

2) Integrity – Doing what is right even when no one else is watching

3) Excellence – Always learning and teaching fellow teammates

4) Obeying the law at all times

5) Maintaining long term friendships with each client

6) Treating each team member with respect

7) Teaching new hires the tricks of the trade in a non-demeaning manor

8) Maintain high integrity at all times

9) Community Impact – Always striving to better the community in appearance but also in the way that you treat people




Tús Nua Lawn & Landscape