Tús Nua Lawn & Landscape

A new beginning for your lawn.

Tús Nua Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of different styles of landscaping. We understand that having landscaping installed is no small decision. Let us make things as easy as possible for you.

Our Services

Being one of the larger landscape companies in the state we are proud to offer almost any outdoor service that your home or business may need. Including:

24/7 Snow and Ice management

We understand how important it is to keep your business open when the weather gets bad. If you get on our dispatch, you will never have to worry about closing shop due to weather again.

Routine lawn mowing services for Commercial AND residential

Across Oklahoma. Having separate divisions for each, we are able to dispatch workers that specialize in the care that your home or business requires.

Landscape design and installation

for Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas


Installs and maintenance.

Our Mission

The name “Tus Nua” Derives from the Gaelic term meaning “a New beginning” we believe every lawn deserves this “New Beginning” and feel we can help you accomplish this.

We strive to deliver the absolute best lawn and landscape care in the industry. Providing an environment of success for all workers and giving customers the utmost value for all products offered. Providing very efficient systems in place to do so.

We must always learn better ways to improve our service, always maintaining a positive attitude and will go above and beyond to meet our customers wishes. We must stay focused on growing the company – not by just adding as many customers as possible but instead by treating each individual customer as a valued key element to our success, by outperforming our competitors on service, attitude and price.

At Tus Nua you can expect an account manager that will ensure your lawn is at tip top shape at all times.

Our Values

Always maintaining a moral and ethical work environment.

Integrity – With a Christ centered view on life, we do what is right, even when no one else is watching.

Excellence – Always learning and teaching fellow teammates

Obeying the law at all times

Maintaining long term friendships with each client

Treating each team member with respect

Efficient Training for Staff – Teaching new hires the tricks of the trade in a non-demeaning manor. Each Crew member is put through training courses prior to starting.

Maintain high integrity at all times

Community Impact – Always striving to better the community in appearance but also in the way that we treat people. With our main location being located on the NW side of Oklahoma City. We are involved with many community improvement programs and are proud to see the immense growth of the Britton District as a big part of that outreach.